Who Is Being Hired At The World’s Largest Apple Store In Dubai

Apple is reportedly planning to build the largest Apple Store in the world in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates, MacRumors reports, citing The Mall of the Emirates currently includes over 700 shops spread across four floors, and an indoor ski resort. The new Apple Store was originally...
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first solar

Dubai All Geared For A New 1GW Solar Project

Dubai Electricity and Water has shortlisted developers for the tender for the 100MW second phase of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. The tender is to be awarded to Independent Power Producer (IPP), the qualification process for applicants began in May, with 24 developers shortlisted, out of...
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The Moroccan Internet Users’ Online Habits

The Moroccan telecommunication market is in flux. The unlimited accesses to smartphones as well as the planned launch of 4G services and democratization of ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) this year will accelerate further its development. With this increased access, more Moroccans than ever...
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Seismic Shift In Middle East and Africa Online Ad Spend

Once viewed as the sole preserve of large organizations with significant resources and large addressable markets, the world of advertising is undergoing a seismic shift across the Middle East and Africa (MEA). Internet advertising is playing a key role in this transformation, with IDC forecasting a...
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Middle East Mobile Marketing Stats Q2 2014

Mobile marketing statistics & growth for Q2 2014 seem upbeat and on a strong growth curve. With 4.55 Billion people globally owning a mobile phone and of which 1.75 Billion of them being smartphones, the user base and size of the market is massive. In 16 countries, smartphones are now in majority...
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Infographic: The Growth Of Mobile Donations In ‪Egypt‬

The proliferation of mobile phone usage in Africa and the Middle East has created great opportunities for positive social change. NGOs and charities are capitalizing on use of mobile phones and mobile devices in the developing world to overcome previous logistical barriers, allowing them to maximize...
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The State Of The Fixed, Mobile, And Data Telecommunications Market In The UAE

As part of the ongoing strategy of the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) to monitor and report on the trends and developments within the UAE telecommunications sector, the TRA has published its fifth ‘Annual Sector Review’. The report summaries the state of the fixed, mobile, and...
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How PayTabs Aims At Boosting eCommerce In The MENA Region

PayTabs, a company co-owned by Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Ventures (Wa’ed), aims to revolutionize eCommerce in the region that is evolving to be a significant contributor to economic growth. The company is all set to launch its payment processing solutions in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the rest...
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Infographic: Middle East Digital Digest Q2/2014 Summary

The below infographic has been provided by The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT Qatar) as a follow up to the previously issued its Q2/2014 Oct  market intelligence reports which highlight how digital is being adopted in the region and globally.  
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Latest Statistics And Trends Of Social Media Users In The Middle East

Web design and development agency, Go-Gulf produced the following YouTube video in which they share the latest statistics and trends of social media users in the Middle East region. The only advise we can give you is, make sure you mute the sound as the music sort of kills the excitement of the data...
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Saudi Arabia Ecommerce Market Share To Hit USD $13.3 Billion In 2015

Design company Pixheart published the below infographic about e-commerce in the Saudi market. The following is a brief summary of what can be derived: Cash On Delivery is the dominant payment method, Online retail is expected to account for up to 8% of Saudi Arabia’s total retail market in...
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It’s About Time That CIOs Adopt Cloud Technology In The Middle East

The shift to the cloud market is accelerating and will continue to result in more revenues being deferred to future quarters leading to greater overall growth of recurring revenue. Governments, companies, and enterprising individuals in the Middle East are rapidly identifying innovative ways to leverage...
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