The Q2 Middle East Digital Digest 2014

The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT Qatar) issued its Q2/2014 market intelligence reports – known as Digital Digests – which highlight how ICT is being adopted in the region and globally.Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.22.05 AM

Some facts and topics about Middle East Digital scene reported are:

  • Instagram is the most popular social network among Qataris
  • Saudi Arabia still has the largest Twitter population
  • UAE named fiber capital of the world
  • Egypt has the smallest smartphone penetration in MENA
  • Facebook is most preferred “social log-in” network in the region
  • More #Selfies taken in Doha than any other Middle East city
  • The region is among the heaviest VoIP users globally
  • MENA Youth increasingly trust social channels for news
  • Ipsos finds smartphone take-up in MENA is lowest in Egypt
  • Facebook to expand digital ads in the region
  • GCC more “network ready” than North Africa
  • Mobile and PC are nearly universal in Qatar
  • Facebook survey: 43% “second screeners” when watching TV in Egypt, KSA and UAE
  • Airline tickets are the most purchased online products

The report can be downloaded on the following :


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