STC Launches The World’s First Keek Social Video Campaign

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Today Keek, a leading global video social network known for its 36 second videos, signed Saudi Telecom Company (STC) as the first advertising client, activating the Middle East Region. The Telecom company will launch the world’s first Keek social video campaign integrating video across multiple devices, mobile display advertising and native branded Keeks. 

Keek CEO Alexandra Cameron stated, “Keek is quickly developing monetization capabilities and the Telecom category is a great fit for Keek and is an industry that drives significant share of advertising dollars in general. Saudi Telecom recognized the popularity and dominance of the Keek platform among a hard to reach audience and built a campaign that integrated very well. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Saudi Telecom and Starcom MediaVest Group SMG.”

“There are clear synergies between STC and Keek; both deliver quick and relevant content and services to end users, and with STC being a Digital Society Enabler, a collaboration with Keek to launch its advertising together with STC is a natural step in the digital realm,” commented Amjad Shacker, GM Corporate communication at STC.

“In the midst of our region’s dynamic digital arena, SMG is keen to provide its partners with cutting edge and tailored capabilities in real time. STC is the largest regional Telecom provider and technology leader; therefore, it requires a strong and aggressive digital footprint. Tendering Keek’s advertising platform to STC is yet another vigorous maneuver to help them maintain their lead as well as their agility in communicating with a significantly large and highly engaged community,” says Ramzi Ghanem, Managing Director of SMG KSA.

Keek has now 69 million registered users, with some of the highest engagement levels in the Middle East and approximately 6 million registered users in Saudi Arabia. This audience consumes over 1 billion page views on average per month.

Bill Blummer, SVP Monetization and Sales Solutions for Keek explains, “We are very proud to be working with SMG to have Saudi Telecom as our first Advertiser. Innovations around social video are rapidly growing in the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia, where we see tremendous engagement with the Keek platform. Saudi Telecom will be the very first advertiser to communicate directly with the Keek audience, furthering STC’s innovative position with today’s young adults.”

“In a time when video consumption is soaring, UGC and connected communities have gained superior weight in the consumer/brand relationship. Subsequently, brands in Saudi Arabia have been consistently challenged to strengthen their influence, particularly on the younger crowd, who dominate online video streaming. Keek’s newly released advertising platform is irrefutably a huge opportunity for brands in Saudi Arabia, giving them new heights to build on their influence and further expand their conversation with the Saudi Youth in a fresh new way,” adds Ibrahim Jabri, SMG Lead Digital Planner STC.


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  1. August 28, 2014 at 12:49 am #

    STC , Smart and relevant move to the biggest growing telecom market in the region.
    This will also open doors for other brands to be inspired about this platform as six m users from ksa is a big number that will allure advertisers targeting ksa to open their pockets to spend there.

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