Norton & Betabrand Unveil RFID-Blocking Jeans

How widespread is identity theft? It’s expected to impact over 10 million people next year. How widespread are blue rfid jeansjeans? About a billion people are wearing them right now. Could fashion provide the front line of defense against cyber crime?

Norton, the leader in online security and Betabrand, the crowdfunding clothier are proud to present RFID-blocking jeans. San Francisco-based Betabrand is a crowdfunding clothing company.   Designers from all over submit concepts & the crowd determines what’s made

By 2015, over 70% of credit cards will have RFID chips, making them vulnerable to skimming attacks.

According to Betabrand founder, Chris Lindland ” You could defeat this type of cyber crime by carrying around wads of cash or bartering livestock, but Norton pointed us to a more practical solution: special pockets for our popular READY jeans that prevent thieves from stealing your info.”

The jeans surpassed their crowdfunding goal in under 24 hours, and are now on sale for 10% off ($151) until they ship in February.


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