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Marhaba – LinkedIn Is Now Available In Arabic

Today LinkedIn announced the launch of an Arabic version of LinkedIn on its blog. This is a hugely exciting milestone for its MENA members. Yes, LinkedIn is now available in Arabic for more than 14 million members that  work and live in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The launch of...
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The First Arabic Product Reviews and Rating Website

A new interactive social platform,, has launched for Arab users to share information, ratings, and reviews about products they bought. The result is a massive network of information about products from different e-commerce websites. To get to know more about Ishtarate, we met with its...
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The Wikipedia Of Arabic Infographics

Three Saudi entrepreneurs launched to archive all Arabic infographics in one place, offering at the same time a customized infographic design service. We met with Arinfograophic founder and CEO Sami Al Mutairi to understand more about this project and the motive behind creating it. How...
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Finally – A Social Media Monitoring Platform For Arabic Sentiment Analysis

Crowd Analyzer is a tool that enables companies to monitor people’s feelings about their brands expressed on social media through sentiment analysis. This enables companies to improve customer insights or understand why a particular campaign may have failed. Crowd Analyzer can even be used to uncover...
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ICANN Announces First Arabic Web Domain

With the first of new web domain names approved last week by ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) web users will able to type and access an Internet address in Arabic, Russian and Chinese language scripts. ICANN signed the first four registry agreements with applicants for new generic...
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How Important Is Arabic For Your Startup

According to Dave Mcclure of 500 startups Arabic is one of the key languages of the future that should be focused by tech entrepreneurs. Hani Morrar, business development manager at Dakwak, a Web translation company in the 500 Startups Accelerator program writes that entrepreneurs are missing first-mover...
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Google Translate Available Offline On Android Phones

Yesterday Google announced on its blog the launch of offline language packages for Google Translate on Android (2.3 and above) with support for fifty languages, from French and Spanish to Chinese and Arabic. There are a number of offline translation apps available, however if you are in love with Google...
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Blackberry 10 Arabic UI pictures leaked

An Arab Tech blog has received images of the upcoming Blacberry 10 UI. A few days ago another blog had released the video of BB10 comparing it with iPhone. RIM is scheduled to do a global launch of BB10 on 30 Jan. Image Source : Tech-wd
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‘Egypt’ topped Wikipedia Arabic’s Most Searched Article Of 2012

A study of 2012’s most read Wikipedia articles reveals what are people searching across the different language versions of the online encyclopedia. The Arabic Wikipedia searches had reference to a lot of historians. An overview of Egypt topped the Arabic language version as the country has been...
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