ict qatarcyber safety research

Attitude And Behavior Of Users Towards Cyber Safety And Privacy In The Middle East

ICT Qatar has recently released a study of Internet habits of the users towards cyber Safety and privacy in the Middle East. Mapped against the world average, users in the region they are more supportive of the idea that government authorities should block harmful content online that is ‘racist’...
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Wall App

Dubai Based Wally App Helps You Keep A Track Of Your Personal Finance

Wally is an app designed to track your spends. But Dubai and Beirut based developers have a plan to make this process not only easy but possibly fun along with providing you information about your spendings that you were probably not aware of either. It is probably UAE’s answer to Mint.com –...
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Online Transactions Middle East

Overview Of Online Transactions In The Middle East

A recent study released by the Northwestern University in Qatar revealed some interesting statistics on how people use internet for conducting routine banking and shopping transactions. About 77% of internet users in the survey search for information about productsonline. Users in UAE (90%) are on the...
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POS Cards Terminal

A unique Electronic Business model that worked in Iran

Electronic banking is on the rise in Iran and due to the scarcity of foreign banking technologies in the country, local IT firms have excelled in developing the state of the art electronic banking solutions that exist today in Iran. Several service providers for the payments industry and banking industry...
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