chrome the king

How Chrome Won The War Of Browsers

Since bursting onto the scene in 2008, Chrome has gained momentum to the point where in 2014, it was crowned king of the browsers by nudging out Firefox and Internet Explorer in terms of market share. According to user data from StatCounter, Chrome now has the largest share of users on desktop, mobile...
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Experience Cheaper Mobile Web Browsing With Introduction Of Chrome’s Data Compression

Google is rolling out an experimental data compression service over the coming days which helps you save bandwidth, load pages faster, and browse more securely on your phone and tablet. By optimizing the pages you visit, this feature can help you save on data usage and bring you a faster, more dynamic...
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Google Chrome Browser Makes Search Faster On Mobile Devices

Now you can auto-fill out web forms on your Android phone or table. When you've signed in to Chrome on your desktop, you can take your saved passwords and auto fill entries across your computers and laptops. With Chrome Beta for Android update, you can now access these from your phone and tablet...
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Passwords may be obsolete; thanks to Google

Passwords have now become a weak source of authentication. They act as a deterrent to protect your accounts and id in the digital world. Over the last few years voices have been raised to work on a more secure protection & identification service. Last year Google had started work on a new password...
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Digital Stats for IRAN

Infographic – Digital Stats for IRAN

Chimigi, Iran’s first online research panel, has released the results of Digital Iran 2012, a survey which benchmarks Iranian consumers on their Internet and mobile usage. The sample included 750 respondents who currently live in Iran and was fielded between September 20th and 23rd, 2012. Researching...