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ASRT – Connecting Egyptian Expats Through JESOR Program

JESOR is one of ASRT  new initiatives aiming at establishing solid and sustainable bridges of cooperation between Egyptians, outside and inside Egypt. JESOR--‐Development Program is one of the initiatives at the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. It builds on the experience of “The...
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E-commerce In The Arab World To Reach USD10 Billion By 2018

Regional payment gateway Payfort has released its latest infographic providing an overview of the core markets in Egypt, KSA, Kuwait and the UAE. It includes insight into consumer behavior, the travel market and what we can expect in years to come. You can also read the full report here. According to...
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Now You Can Charge Your Online Purchases To Your Phone Bill In Middle East

T-PayTM offers over 200 million mobile subscribers in the Arab region the ability to pay for their purchases through their mobiles A unique local ecosystem covering 100 % of mobile subscribers in Egypt and Saudi Arabia Direct Operator Billing expected to triple globally by 2022, to reach US$12 billion...
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76% of Surveyed MENA Startups Have Received Funding Below $500,000: New Wamda Research

Wamda has published an excellent study on the funding / entrepreneur eco-system in the region.  The very good news is that startup funding is growing in the MENA countries with growth expected to accelerate in coming years.  In fact this study, compared to a previous study back in 2009, showed over...
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Infographic: The Growth Of Mobile Donations In ‪Egypt‬

The proliferation of mobile phone usage in Africa and the Middle East has created great opportunities for positive social change. NGOs and charities are capitalizing on use of mobile phones and mobile devices in the developing world to overcome previous logistical barriers, allowing them to maximize...
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Two-Thirds Of The Developing World Will Be Internet Users by 2014​

According to the United Nations International Telecommunications Union report, globally, Internet users are expected to hit 3 billion by the end of 2014, which accounts for about 40 ​%​ of the world’s population. Among those users, over three quarters are from developed countries while two-thirds...
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Two Countries Are Leading Facebook’s Growth In The Middle East

Facebook, the leading social network which boasts over 1.25 billion monthly users around the world, doesn't seem to be losing momentum. Egypt and Jordan are the two countries that are leading Facebook's growth in the Middle East. A continuing steep rise in the number of internet users in Egypt and Jordan...
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Qatar Leads The Smart Phone Penetration In The Middle East

Smartphones represent 40% of total impressions in the Middle East, which is 45% higher than the global average, according to a report by InMobi. Smartphone penetration in the Middle East region is projected to grow up to 39% by 2015. Mobile transactions already represents 10% of e-commerce (similar...

Do You Leave Home Without Your Smartphone?

According to a recent research conducted by Frootapps 60% of users in the MENA region check their phones more than once in a day. Smartphones are shifting to be pocketable personal computers rather than just only cell phones, leading most of us to spend a ton of time on our mobile devices. The research...
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Twitter MENA

Twitter Offer Automatic Translation Of Tweets For Verified Egyptian Accounts

Twitter has begun testing of a new translation tool this week to assist users to understand the tweets by some verified accounts in Egypt. The new service is powered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine. The service automatically translates tweets and is currently applicable to the recently ousted...
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