Google Play vs Apps

Facts About Mobile Apps In Middle East and North Africa

A report published by Froot Apps shows some great insights about apps in the region. 22,000,000 smartphones and tablets available across MENA region. Android OS is taking the majority of the market share with 40%. Games are on the top of most used categories in appstore and google play. Males download...
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How Do People In The Middle East Use Traditional v/s Online Media

Northwestern University in Qatar has released preliminary findings from a Pan-Arab survey showing that although web users in the Middle East support the freedom to express opinions online, they also believe the Internet should be more tightly regulated. Researchers surveyed 9,693 adults in eight Arab...
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Google Translate

Google Translate Available Offline On Android Phones

Yesterday Google announced on its blog the launch of offline language packages for Google Translate on Android (2.3 and above) with support for fifty languages, from French and Spanish to Chinese and Arabic. There are a number of offline translation apps available, however if you are in love with Google...
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Google Reader

Google To Retire Google Reader By 1 July 2013

Google has announced that it is killing off the popular Google Reader service, among other services as it completes its second round of “spring cleaning.” Google is planning to focus on new projects and and is killing off a whole bunch of other projects which are not popular with the masses,...
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Google Chrome Browser Makes Search Faster On Mobile Devices

Now you can auto-fill out web forms on your Android phone or table. When you’ve signed in to Chrome on your desktop, you can take your saved passwords and auto fill entries across your computers and laptops. With Chrome Beta for Android update, you can now access these from your phone and tablet...
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Google Drive

Create Google Slides Offline

You can now create, edit, comment on and present your presentations without an internet connection. Any new presentations or changes you make will be automatically updated when you get back online. So you can continue polishing your slides on the move, and head to your upcoming presentation without worrying...
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Iran Web Trends

Yahoo leads the email market in Iran (Infographic)

Chimigi, Iran’s first online research panel, has released a selection of highlights from its syndicated study on the latest web trends in Iran. It is the fifth in a series of online studies designed to create greater transparency for both foreign and local companies on the attitudes and behaviours...
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Passwords may be obsolete; thanks to Google

Passwords have now become a weak source of authentication. They act as a deterrent to protect your accounts and id in the digital world. Over the last few years voices have been raised to work on a more secure protection & identification service. Last year Google had started work on a new password...
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Downtown DubaiBurj Khalifa Fire Crackers

Watch Dubai Downtown New Year’s Eve Celebration live on Youtube

Google announced on its blog today that the Downtown Dubai New Year’s Eve celebrations will be live-streamed on Youtube; courtesy of EMAAR. “With 90% of users in the UAE viewing YouTube as an entertainment platform, this live stream of the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Downtown Dubai by Emaar...
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Google Services Retired

Google decides to Shutdown ‘less popular’ Calendar features, Multi Sync services

Google has just announced that it will do away with some of its apps and services in 2013 that are not very popular with its users. The Google Sync Exchange within Gmail, Contacts and Calendar will be affected. You’ll be unable to create new reservable times on your Calendar through Appointment slots,...
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Google Maps Live Traffic

UAE gets live traffic updates on Google Maps

Google has finally launched LIVE Traffic Updates on Maps for UAE via mobile and web. This is a great feature, as most of us depend on our BBMs or the local radio stations to get traffic updates. To check out the traffic visit and click the traffic layer on the top right hand side of the...
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google zeitgeist

What did Middle East search on Google in 2012

Google has released the global search trends for 2012. Let’s take a look at what were the trends in Middle East. This year’s trending searches show growing interest in political and social issues within the Arab world as well as globally in addition to a rising interest in electronic gadgets...
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