Careem Acquires Taxiii To Start Operations In Morocco

Careem Networks, the Middle East’s leading private car booking service acquires Morocco based car booking service TAXIII’s assets and brings founder, Yassir El Ismaili and all TAXIII team onboard. Careem, which serves 14 cities across the Middle East, will expand into Rabat and Casablanca initially,...
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clean tech energy middle east

Clean Tech Market Growing In Middle East And North Africa

The growing renewable energy investment opportunity in countries across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is garnering attention by international investors who will be at January’s World Future Energy Summit (WFES) to explore project opportunities. Through Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy...
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The Moroccan Internet Users’ Online Habits

The Moroccan telecommunication market is in flux. The unlimited accesses to smartphones as well as the planned launch of 4G services and democratization of ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) this year will accelerate further its development. With this increased access, more Moroccans than ever...
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FB Hack

A Moroccan Hacker Discovers A Security Breach Bug In Facebook

Omar Azkagh, a 22 year old hacker from Tanja in Morocco, discovered a security bug in Facebook pages and gets awarded for it. The bug is a security breach related to pages on the social network which allows users to easily gain admin access to those pages and steal them from their owners. Facebook...
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Smartphone middle east

Qatar Leads The Smart Phone Penetration In The Middle East

Smartphones represent 40% of total impressions in the Middle East, which is 45% higher than the global average, according to a report by InMobi. Smartphone penetration in the Middle East region is projected to grow up to 39% by 2015. Mobile transactions already represents 10% of e-commerce (similar...
Wind Power

Middle East And North Africa Bullish On Wind Power

Creative Commons/Kevin Dooley The authors of the MENA Renewables Status Report analyze renewable energy markets, industry, policy and investment trends, concluding that the region’s sustainable energy market has grown considerably in the last decade, due largely to its extensive renewable energy resources. According...
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Middle East and North Africa Twitter Statistics

Twitter Stats for Middle East and North Africa region

Image Source - Twitter Infograph The Official Twitter stats of the Middle East and North Africa region have been released courtesy Dubai School of Government – Arab Social Media Report. Follow them on Twitter  A few highlights – Saudi Arabia has the highest number of...