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Over half of Internet users in Iran use Facebook

Chimigi, Iran’s first online research panel, has released a selection of highlights from its syndicated study, Iran Web 2.0. The sample included 2,300 respondents who currently live in Iran and was fielded between October 23rd and 28th 2012. When asked which social media sites they regularly use,...
Social TV Middle East

Social TV is the Future in Middle East

The concept of sitting around your television with friends and having a conversation is not new. But Social TV is changing our cyber-living-room with increased interactivity with the content through internet. In a broad term Social TV refers to technology that supports social interactions among viewers...
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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities listed on TFOUR.ME

Online job hunting has the potential of landing you in the right job profile v/s the traditional ways of reaching out. One of the greatest benefits of  looking for a job online is that you will find a new opportunity each day and this can keep your job search alive. The surge in Social Media has obviously...
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