An App to Map Street Protests

Ma2too3a is a crowd sourced mobile application application allows you to know where there are protests or armed combats happening at any time on the streets of Lebanon. It even shows you a traffic jam as it happens. Any user can update all others instantly about such an event, including the exact time and location. 
Whenever an event comes to an end, a red rose will appear. Designed by a Lebanese company, Larochesoft, the app depends on the various users to update about the events happening.

Upon contacting the App development team via email, they informed us that the information posted on the app gets verified through three main ways:
1- Ma2too3a team checks the news from top news resources round the clock

2- When many unique users post news about the same event, the team considers it verified

3-The team starts contacting the Lebanese Ministry of Interior in Lebanon that has vast knowledge regarding news in the country

The Ma2t003a team closes a particular event if:

1- There are no news updates for about six hours for an event or,

2-They receive enough updates from the users that the event has ended

Ma2too3a users have increased exponentially to reach 22K sharing about 200 posts per day, and are growing at the rate 1K users daily. The app is currently available on iOS and Android platforms. It will be interesting to see such an informative app for the Middle East region and watch as it grows.

to download the app.

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