Facebook Games platform expanding into Middle East

Sean Ryan, moved to Facebook in 2011 from Newscorp to head partnerships at its key gaming platform.

He is the director of game partnerships at Facebook and has to communicate Facebook’s platform strategy for game companies and manage high-profile developer (like Zynga) relations.

Sean Ryan said in a recently published interview on Venturebeat, that Facebook is looking to partner with right set of developers in the Middle East region. The partners would get to know what’s coming down the pipe from the platform. Facebook would seek their feedback on how could it improve the gaming platform. He explained that having a game customized for any region increases its adaptability.

Interestingly the top game in the region is a Chinese-made, Turkish-published game called Happy Farm.

At present, five of the top 10 global game developers on Facebook are from Europe, the Middle East, orAsia, compared with just one in 2011, according to , the social network’s head of games partnerships for EMEA.

Facebook is excited to promote is mobile gaming product globally and is keen to have more games on it.

About 235 million of Facebook’s members have played a game in the past month, about 30 million more than a year ago.

There are several leading developers in the region like Unearthearthed Games, Quirkat, Jawaker

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