iPhone5 may not work in the Middle East

With the hype surrounding the iPhone, all the trendsetters in the region will have to wait for a while before they get their hands on the device.

According to this Apple webpage the 4G LTE network is compatible only in few countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Shocked! Yes, only 9 countries in the world are currently compatible with iPhone5’s LTE capability.

Apple has shared the frequency guidelines which is not compatible with most of the regional telecom providers.

So what can you do until this problem gets sorted out-

  • Wait for a custom made model for your country to use the 4G
  • Use the 3G or Wifi network in your country
  • Don’t buy the iPhone 5 :(

To add some spice and salt to this news, Samsung is reportedly planning to sue Apple for infringing its 4G LTE patents in the iPhone 5, which could see the smartphone facing importation bans in several countries, according to a news reported in Korea Times. Yes, Smasung holds far more patents for LTE and claims that Apple has not paid royalties before using the technology.

Let’s wait and watch until this battle goes on.

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Update : 18 Sep 2012

As per iPhone 5’s 4G LTE technology is compatible with Oman’s Nawras Telecom. Nawras’s LTE network is 1800MHz, which is supported by iPhone 5 model #A1429


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