Qatar launches a new Angel Investment Network

At a press conference today, Silatech announced launch of a new Angel Investment network called SilaNetwork.

The idea behind SILA is very simple and straight forward, so much so that you will wonder why has no one done it yet. SILA is about connecting entrepreneurs and investors to explore funding, mentoring, friendship and network.

Startup companies everywhere face challenge in securing funding and getting off the ground. SILA is here to facilitate that process. There is a gap between investors and startups, the lack of the various elements in the ecosystem that needs to be in place.

SILA is a platform and an initiative that will fill this gap by working with its partners so that young people can start and run businesses. Oct 15 is the launch event of SILA where six entrepreneurs will present their ideas to angel investors in hopes of securing funding.

We are testing this model of SILA here in Qatar first. If successful, we will take this to the region. We look forward to the SILA launch event on October 15, which is an amalgamation of the hard work of many - Dr. Tarek Yousef. CEO, Silatech

(Press Release)


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