Middle East App developers to be awarded at the Global Mobile Congress in Abu Dhabi

Three mobile apps from Middle East were selected as the winners in the 2012 World Summit Award for mobile content (WSA -mobile) to be held in Abu Dhabi next month. The three mobile apps developed were for mobile learning, business and entertainment.

On a biannual basis, the contest selects 40 of the most outstanding and useful apps from all  over the world. This year’s winners come from 28 countries on 5 continents and demonstrate the richness of the world’s mobile content: “Our goal is to find and promote mobile content that really makes a difference for people around the globe. The awarded apps prove that there is a lot going on outside Europe and the USA. “If we want to make use  of mobile technology’s full potential, these trends must not be ignored,” WSA-mobile chairman Peter A. Bruck stated.

The three mobile apps were as follows: -

Jordan’s teaches children math skills in an entertaining way. The game is a wildly entertaining adventure, utilizing dynamic battling controls that turn arithmetic into sheer action. Players simply tap approaching monsters to fight them.
Lebanon's creates a novel way to take panoramic images. The simple and elegant user interface is composed of two complementary shapes that join each other as the user rotates the device.
Ithmaar Bank from Bahrain has developed a new app called MobiCash that allows customers to withdraw cash from the bank’s ATMs without a card. Similar service has been introduced in UAE by NBAD previously.

Arab developers are fast gaining momentum in the mobile apps world. “The contest results demonstrate that Arab countries have become a global hub for mobile innovation”, WSA Chairman Peter A. Bruck states.

Organised by the International Center for New Media (ICNM) in Salzburg, the World Summit Award Mobile is a global initiative within the framework of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). The award takes place on a biannual basis in collaboration with UNESCO, UNIDO and UN GAID. Its key partner Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Center (ADSIC) hosts the global WSA-mobile Winners’ Events in Abu Dhabi


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