Youtube in the Middle East – 2012

Below is an infograph depicting the Youtube usage for Middle East in 2012. Some of the key highlights of the infograph are as follows: -

  • Two hours of content is uploaded on YouTube every minute the region,
  • Videos are viewed 260 million times a day in the region.
  • Run time for the clips increased on the site by 28% in 2012 v/s 2011.
  • Eight Arab countries to have local versions of the site, led by, in terms of operating times, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, and the UAE.
  • 76% of users in Saudi Arabia watch videos using their mobile devices, while 35% have uploaded their own content.
  • In Egypt, 44% of Internet users, which forms over 30 million, are using YouTube on a daily basis.
  • More than 50% of the total users browse the videos “just for fun.”
  • In the UAE, more than 75% of participants in the survey, see YouTube as a suitable platform to communicate with other users.

The infograph was developed by DDArabia.


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