Launch Of The Startup Stock Exchange – An Opportunity For The Middle East

Last year in July we had met Ian Heat who was building on an idea of having a global equity exchange to trade on Start-ups. An year later the idea has become a reality. Even startups from Middle East can get listed on the exchange.

On June 10, 2013, the Startup Stock Exchange (SSX) will open its marketplace for startup investing and funding. On SSX, investors of any level buy ownership shares of vetted startup companies. Shares trade freely on the exchange, providing a liquid market. Investors can buy or sell anytime and control their own account.

For startups and small businesses, SSX provides a simple and comprehensive process for raising funds. SSX will open with two IPO’s. “I am very excited”, says CEO Ian Haet. “These businesses represent different sectors and different geographic locations. That’s exactly what we want: a marketplace that  connects startups and investors worldwide. SSX was founded because our own entrepreneurial  experiences demanded a better way to fund early stage and small businesses. We knew there had to be a better way. SSX is that better way.”

SSX operates via the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX) in Curaçao. The DCSX is an international exchange for the listing and trading of domestic and international securities, similar to the NYSE or London Exchange. Curaçao is a constituent of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and abides to Dutch and European laws. “Unlike other funding marketplaces, SSX allows anyone to become an Angel Investor”, says Mr. Haet. “Using their online brokerage account, they may purchase 1 share, 100 shares, or any amount of shares.”

For investors, SSX provides access to vetted companies worldwide. SSX performs an extensive review of the company, investigating material facts, potential liabilities and the professional backgrounds of the management team. A company profile page including share prices, shares, shareholders, trading activity and historical data, as well as company reports every two weeks ensure total transparency

Other benefits for investors include no minimum income or investment requirements; a liquid market; 24/7 real-time transactions; and government regulation.

For companies, SSX offers a fee structure specifically designed for the capitalization of startups and small businesses. Founders can concentrate on growing since there is only one application and they retain control of their capital. Other benefits for companies include the acceptance of companies worldwide in any business sector; easy access to SSX’s global base of investors; receiving mentoring and feedback; and reducing the time required for funding.

SSX was founded by Ian Haet and Brian Niessen. As CEO, Mr. Haet provides a strategic view, a commitment to the customer, and a clear sense of direction. He brings experience in international business management and technology consulting, real estate development, and finance to SSX. His background as an entrepreneur and awareness of the challenges faced when seeking capital led him to create Startup Stock Exchange.

As Chairman and CIO, Mr. Niessen provides vision and a deep understanding of secure technical systems and data management. He has over 30 years of experience creating and managing technology companies. His expertise includes e-commerce, online banking, online gaming, and large scale real-time transaction systems.

SSX has received private funding from US and European investors including Greg Kidd, a first round angel investor in both Twitter and Square.

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