Photos Make Up 93% Of The Most Engaging Posts On Facebook

According to a study done by Social Bakers on Facebook, Photos are the most engaging type of posts.

Social Bakers has looked at a sample of 5000 brand pages and found that people prefer to interact with photos more than with any other type of post, such as simple status updates, links, or videos. Many of the Facebook´s layout and design changes increasingly support visual content, such as enhancing photos and increasing their size. In March, the social network went as far as calling it the best personalized newspaper in the world as it, besides other things, provides space for strong visual storytelling.

In August 2012, Social Bakers had reported that 85% of the most engaging posts on Facebook were photos. According to the latest results, the number has increased to a whopping 93%. Data shows that only 2% of the most engaging content on Facebook is generated by links, another 2% by videos, and 3% by status updates. Photos are now more engaging than ever, so strike a pose and get your fans engaged with strong visual content.

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