How Are Jordanian Telcom Companies Using Twitter?

Jordan has a highly developed communications infrastructure. Jordan's telecom infrastructure is growing at a very rapid pace and continually being updated and expanded. Jordan's industry remains the most competitive in the Middle East.

According to Business Monitor International  there were 402,000 net additions in Jordan's mobile market in Q113, equal to q-o-q growth of 4.4% andy-o-y growth of 18.0%. This brought the penetration rate to 143.9%.

The fixed-line sector also contracted in Q11, with the number of subscriptions shrinking by 1.8% q-o-q.According to regulatory data, in March 2013 there were 392,869 fixed-line subscriptions and a penetration rate of 6.1%.

Until last year there were 40,000 active Twitter users in Jordan. Below is an interesting infographic submitted by  about presence of Jordanian telcom companies on Twitter. The data in the infographic is dated as of Aug 2013. Few highlights about the infographic:-

  • (Zain Jordan) has the highest number (115k) followed by Umniah telecom with 13,700 followers.
  • - now renamed as is at the 3rd place with 12,500 followers.
  • Interestingly beats the rest in the average response time.
  • Post reviewing the keywords, all the three companies use twitter for answering customers queries and Umniah is very active in responding back in Arabic language.


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