Saudi Users Live The Social Media Dream

SaudiArabia is one of the most active countries in the Middle East when it comes to this. Over 5 million active Facebook users and more than 3 million active Twitter users making it the country with the highest Twitter penetration worldwide.

To make things easier, The Online Project have created three general personas based on our findings of the average Saudi user on Facebook Twitter and the video sharing platforms; YouTube and Keek.


The largest age group on Facebook is 25-34 with 46 followed by 18-24 with 28%, 35-44 with 16% and the smallest age group on the platform is 45

51% of the Saudi users use Facebook in the Arabic interface and 72% of the comments on the pages are in Arabic

5M users in Saudi are using Facebook through their mobile phones, 64% are using Android 32% using iOS and the rest are using feature phones

On average the Saudi user follow 560 users and has 533 followers 44% of the users don’t have a bio written about themselves in their profiles and 8% are using Twitter default egg photo as their profile picture.

14% of the users tweets are engagements with other twitter users and 66% of their tweet count are retweets and only 20% are actual tweets

89% of the users tweet in Arabic


The Average number of subscriber per YouTube channels is 264K. The average number of subscriber per Keek channel is 125K and an average

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