Dubai Customs Develops Amphibious Lab-Vehicle To Detect Illicit Substances in Dubai Creek

Dubai Customs will launch a first-of-its-kind amphibian mobile laboratory, equipped with high-tech solar-powered devices toDubai customs detect hazardous and prohibited substances in Dubai Creek and its surroundings. The project highlights Dubai Customs’ keenness to adopt innovative initiatives and ideas that can develop Customs work in the emirate, in line with Dubai’s and DC’s strategic plans.

HE Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director of Dubai Customs, stressed the need to keep abreast of all Customs and technology developments that are experienced at both UAE and Dubai levels. He said, “We are moving in the footsteps of our wise government following the path drawn by the great innovator His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, who always incites us to bring in creative ideas into our government institutions so as to deliver smooth and speedy public services that can make customers happy.”

Ahmed Mahboob further noted that the soon to be deployed mobile laboratory is the result of the hard work and diligent efforts exerted by a group of national cadres from the Department of Customs Intelligence at Dubai Customs. The project is novel in Customs work at the UAE level and also the first of its kind worldwide. The amphibious lab-vehicle will be operated by sea patrols circulating near the wooden ships and vessels in the Dubai Creek. The vehicle will remotely sense these objects looking for any risky and prohibited substances. It is fully equipped to scan both the perimeter and body of the vessel and even its internal parts that are difficult to access. The amphibious vehicle carries more than 10 technologically advanced inspection devices. The vehicle is also eco-friendly as al its equipment are solar-powered around the clock.

He stated that national innovation ideas were behind this unique invention. “The amphibian laboratory is able to detect Customs violations in any vessel from a distance of around 300 meters. It is also equipped with cameras that will be used to document the inspection process and broadcast it live to the command and control room at Dubai Customs, which helps accelerate taking appropriate actions toward offenders and smugglers.

Ahmed Mahboob said the new amphibian laboratory can detect and analyze any type of infringing goods, in addition scanning the vessel to detect people who violate the residency law. The importance of this device also resides in facilitating the work of Customs inspectors during the inspection of wooden ships and vessels that enter the ports of the emirate.


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