Meet Jawabkom – Quora Of The Arab World is “the first of its kind in the Arab world that allows Arabic speaking users to get answers on serious queries from Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 3.40.18 PMcertified experts in a number of fields,” in light of its “database of information” provided by the site through answering users’ and visitors’ questions. The number of visitors to the site in its first month reached over 100,000 which could indeed be a new record in the Arab world for the website that was launched only three months ago.

Jawabkom, which was established in November 2013, can be considered as an informational database that presents key indicators for many phenomena that command the Arab world and perhaps dominate it. This fact makes a base of crucial information and data that constitute a different state of information availability and overall thinking.

The Site was established by a group of tech investors, the most prominent being the serial entrepreneur Raed Malhas, who is keen on achieving the ambitions goal of boosting the site’s users to one million within one year.

The Site’s business model, which is utilized by a number of experts in several fields including lawyers, doctors, and others, allows users to submit questions relating to any field that they wish to inquire about, and then answers are provided by experts.
Through an analysis of the most prominent interests of male users of the Site, it was noted that their main queries were related to legal questions about immigration to Western countries. This reflects both the current political situation and the ambitions of youth or immigrants in unstable circumstances across many countries of the region in search of a better life abroad.

The most topics raised on part of Arab women focused on issues of divorce, alimony, and custody of children. Questions relating to this subject accounted for 28% of the total questions received by the site.

Legal issues in commercial contracts, especially by expatriates, also formed a high percentage of questions submitted by Arab citizens, in addition to questions related to blood pressure, diabetes, and medications for these diseases among the elderly.
Statistics focusing on Arab women’s questions reflected their concern with beauty, as 14% of questions asked by women were about weight loss and diet.

What’s really interesting for this new Arab model for obtaining information is that, so far, male usage rates were higher than those of women. This confirms, according to figures from Jawabkom, the importance of asking questions and receiving answers in a timely manner.

The Site also revealed in a summary of its studies, which are issued on a monthly basis, that participation across Arab countries is similar but issues differ. Each country’s user questions depended on its set of circumstances, its economic, social, and even security situation. Thus, when citizens’ questions revealed their desire to immigrate, especially in Syria and Iraq, it was confirmed that these countries live in a state of instability which motivates their residents to leave.
Such phenomena, monitored by Jawabkom, can be relied upon as significant, documented indicators, and they can also be relied upon as a foundation for future policies for many issues that concern the Arab world, more specifically in the realms of health, legal, and social matters.

Jawabkom is distinguished for confidentiality of information of the inquirer. The Site presents an easy way to submit an inquiry and obtain an answer quickly and seamlessly, which assists the inquirer and even the entire Arab world through a new mechanism for knowledge building and problem solving without much hassle or effort, while ensuring the privacy of Arab societies.
Jawabkom is considered the quickest and easiest way to ask a question and obtain a rapid answer for a fee based on the importance and complexity of the question.

Raed Malhas is an investor, advisor, tech entrepreneur, and co-founder R&D Labs, an investment fund and incubator, as well as co-founder of MiNeeds. He worked at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond for eight years, as a Senior Program Manager, leading a number of departments, launching several products, and registering various tech patents.

Malhas has set a clear future vision for the site. He hopes that Jawabkom would become an Arabic language reference for posing questions to experts. In addition, he aims to boosting the number of site visitors, increasing the number of experts, expanding into a number of fields, widening the Site’s offering to include tech support, and strengthening the Site’s integration with leading social media networks.

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