MENA Youth – Digital Attitude And Aspirations

An Ooredoo survey of digital attitudes & aspirations of over 10,500 young MENA youth across 17 countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

The research looks at the pivotal role that the evolution of digital technology and connectivity has in the lives of youth in this region. The results highlight young people’s attitudes to a dynamic mix of social, economic and education related issues, particularly in relation to finding a job and starting a business.

MENA Findings Youth digital

Key findings :

- Nine in 10 young MENA citizens believe that access to the Internet and mobile digital technology can help them realize their personal aspirations for employment, entrepreneurial opportunities, education, banking and healthcare.
- 91% also believe that technology is the basis of a modern, forward-thinking and functioning society, but that its potential as an economic tool has not yet been realized for young people across MENA.
- 81% of young Arabs are optimistic about their immediate futures, despite reporting significant economic and educational hurdles.
- 45% are not doing the work they would like to do.
- 72% of men and 77% of women agree that women should be given equal business opportunities.
- More than 80% of youth believe the Internet enables them to continue their education beyond what is possible in their country.


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