Five Innovative Startups In The Middle East

Young entrepreneurs throughout the Middle Eastern region are working together to revitalize their local economies and Failure Startups Middle Eastattracting international investment. The region is increasingly producing startups that are creating companies that will change lives in the MENA region – and the world. The region has produced some innovative start ups from mobile health space to eCommerce.

Below are five start ups in the middle east that we have identified to be innovative in their fields: -


It is a non-tech startup that is into making eco-friendly, handcrafted handmade dolls aimed at making a social impact in developing countries. or every doll you purchase, we gift a doll to one of the millions of orphaned children around the world. Recently Dumye delivered a great pitch at the Impact Hub crowdfunding competition for funds.


It is the world’s first mobile app to buy and sell cars. In 2 easy steps your car can be listed on Cary! or you can browse through our listing for your dream car. Buy or sell a car at top speed with Cary!


This startup is an online marketplace where creative artisans from the UAE can come together and sell their wares to a worldwide market. Ananasa nurtures talented local women to come forward and sell their handmade goodies online, thus providing them with much-needed income.


This startup provides an innovative online service for Muslim travelers so that they can obtain halal food while flying, and manage their daily prayers on their travel. This service also helps Muslim travelers to perform their annual Haj to Mecca/Medina.


This startup provides an environmentally-friendly service, connecting carpool drivers to passengers so people can carpool to work and school. Not only does this save fuel, it also reduces road traffic.

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