A Car Review Video Portal In UAE

Still thinking of buying your next awesome ride and are tired of reading reviews? Enter, a website that produces motopediavideo reviews of cars.

Motopedia is the brain child of two car enthusiasts; Danish Mumtaz and Alawi Al Haddad. Mumtaz who’s also the founder of The Gold Mine Films will act as the executive producer while Al Haddad will head production at -

How did it all start?

One day Danish and Alawi were discussing cars (no surprise) and we realized in the middle of the conversation, that there were no video reviews of cars sold in the UAE or the GCC. Lots of print articles, but we wanted to see the car being driven, and not on some road in California. Being experts in video production (and crazy car fanatics), we quickly realized what we had to do. And right there, Motopedia was born. In the next 6 months we had a great team assembled and we started shooting. is the only professionally produced online video car review portal in the Middle East as stated in the press release. It’s video reviews focus on the concerns and choices of the average car buyer. Mumtaz explains, “We designed the portal to be interactive and allows users to post their comments, tweets and instagram photos to the site. They can see prices for all the different models and can also download car brochures. And if there’s a car we haven’t reviewed, we encourage our viewers to talk to us and we’ll try and review it soon. Our audience can also be part of that car’s shoot”.


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