Meddy: A HealthCare Startup In Qatar

How many times have you been to a doctor and regretted the visit because of his/her bad bedside manner. Had you meddybeen given an opinion earlier on about the doctor or if you could have looked up the doctor’s credentials you could have avoided the bad experience.

Meddy is aimed to solve the problem of not finding enough information about doctors in Qatar before choosing one. It permits patients to quickly search for doctors across a wide range of expertise and compare them,

The website has around 300 doctors from 23 specializations speaking over 31 languages combined.
We spoke to Haris Aghadi, one of the founders of the startup who said, “the response has been great, we get emails from patients every other day appreciating what we are doing and how it’s helping them with finding a good doctor based on other peoples’ experience. We get lot of requests from clinics and doctors every now and then to add them to our website”
The startup doesn’t plan on monetizing at the moment because it want’s to focus on building a sustainable user base that could be monetize in the future. The startup plans to allow clinics to do a sponsored listing that will put them on the top of the list, much like Google Search Engine.
Currently the team is in the process of consolidating information about insurance companies to allow people to filter clinics based on their insurance provider. Launching a smartphone app is also on the product road map.
The Middle East region has seen attracted many similar medical review startups like DoctorUna and TraveDoc.
The healthcare industry usually is recognized as having lagged behind other industries in embracing new information technology. However the mobile health startups in the Middle East are emerging as a life saver.


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