Zomato To Enable Cashless Payments In Dubai Restaurants

Restaurant listings website Zomato announced via Twitter on Monday that the company is launching its payments zomatoservice in February, starting with Dubai.

According to the Zomato CEO, Deepinder Goyal, the service will save the user’s credit card details in the app, and automatically complete the transaction at the time of payment, similar to the way people around the world pay Uber.

“The idea here is to enable cashless payments for restaurants,” said Goyal. “The customer can process his payment of the bill through his smartphone rather than having to carry his payment card.”

“The Zomato app will enable a diner to pay his bill and leave the restaurant without having to wait for the bill from the waiter,” he added, “[or] having to wait for the waiter to swipe his bank card in the card readable payment machine and complete the transaction.


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