MENA Region’s Online Travel Bookings Grow To 31% In 2014

Technology in the travel industry will come into focus at Arabian Travel Market this year, with the four-day event set Travel online middle eastto highlight tech growth within the industry, as online travel bookings in the MENA region increased by 10% in 2014.
According to YouGov data (which surveyed 22,686 online respondents, all MENA residents) 31% of those surveyed booked all of their travel requirements online, an increase of 10% over 2013. Of those surveyed 25% used their smartphones to book hotels online while mobile usage to access online travel guides or to book leisure activities rose by 6%.

Spontaneity in the decision making process for choosing a destination has increased by 11% according to the YouGov data, thanks to upgraded technology. Interestingly travelers from Qatar form the highest proportion of people who check-in online. Check out the below infographic for more details.

use of technology in travel MENA middle east


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