Sony Launches Dhs 4.4 million Flagship Boutique At Dubai Mall

Sony has announced the inauguration of its newly designed concept Sony Boutique at Dubai Mall. TheSony Boutiquestore is trying to woo both young and mature customers by offering a variety of products. It is giving a hands on opportunity to the customers to experience its technology.

“The consumer electronics competition is very tough, so a dealer wants to sell only fast-moving items. We will be not be having entry-level products at the showroom but have a wide range of Sony camera lenses and accessories which consumers cannot find anywhere else in the UAE,” Satoru Arai

The boutique has five distinct product zones for gaming, mobility, digital imaging, home entertainment and high-resolution audio.

The new concept boutique features a wide-open storefront to provide an unobstructed view into the world of Sony. From Sony music artists playing on high resolution audio devices to movies from Sony Pictures playing on the immersive 4K TVs, the full breadth of Sony’s product range can be enjoyed at one location. was given a personalized tour of the store and below are some interesting things that we find worth sharing:  -

Sony TV

Sony TV
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A wide variety of Sony TVs, LCDs, HD etc

The store also features a unique ‘shooting object’ area where consumers can get a hands-on feel of the latest cameras and take pictures of scaled down (4D) model of Dubai’s iconic landmarks – Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Dubai Metro, among others.

All the big electronic brands are gearing up to increase the market share in the Middle East. Last year Apple announced to build the largest Apple Store in the world in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates.


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