A Startup In UAE That Buys Vehicles Still Under Bank Finance

SellAnyCar.com has emphasized that it is happy to purchase vehicles even if they are still under financeSell any car logo by a bank. Almost 20 percent of the vehicles the company purchases are still mortgaged.

The announcement comes as research shows that customers tend to avoid cars under finance from a bank due to perceived overheads and inconvenience.

A significant percentage of registered cars in UAE are financed, and getting a car loan from the bank is the only option for many UAE residents and nationals to own a brand new vehicle. While arranging a loan might be easy, it adds additional complications to selling the vehicle further down the line.

For SellAnyCar.com, obtaining bank paperwork is just another step in a streamlined process powering its guarantee to buy any car in 30 minutes. “With SellAnyCar.com, we buy any car regardless of make, model year or condition. We buy financed cars too, and the way we valuate and process these is no different to fully owned vehicles. There is just one more bureaucratic step with the bank involved, which we take care of at no extra cost for the customer without wasting their time. So our guaranteed purchase clause applies to the financed cars too.” said SellAnyCar.com CEO Saygin Yalcin.


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