PAYFORT Acquires White Payments To Target The Startup Industry

PAYFORT, today announced the acquisition of White Payments, a new online payments solution focusedpayfort on providing easy-to-use online payment applications for start-ups and small businesses. PAYFORT will use White Payments’ platform to create a new program to allow start-ups and small businesses fast-track their online payment options.

Here is a list of payment gateway service providers in Middle East.

“The payment industry is very young in the region and as it moves from cash society to cashless society there are a lot of opportunities to be explored The team at White Payments has focused on removing the obstacles for entrepreneurs and start-ups to accept payments online, with fantastic results,” said Omar Soudodi, Managing Director of PAYFORT. “Start-ups have special requirements and constraints when it comes to setting up an online payment process. White Payments has developed a great product offering to help meet these challenges and we look forward leveraging these to create a new PAYFORT solution called “START.”

“Starting an online business is really hard and we built White to make it easier, by breaking down some of the barriers facing entrepreneurs,” said White Payments Founder Yazin Alirhayim. “While PAYFORT has a strong A-list of large customers across the region, from airlines to governments, White was built with new merchants in mind, with a particular focus on start-ups. By joining PAYFORT, White will be able to reach out to a region-wide market and grow super-fast. It’s the perfect fit and we’ll able to work together to attracting and keeping great clients of all sizes -- from the one-person startup, to organizations with thousands of employees.”

Launched in 2014, White Payments was borne out of the common frustrations experienced by entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Arab world when trying to set-up online payment options for their customers. The company then developed a suite of plug-ins and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow online payment functionality to be integrated into websites within minutes, eliminating some of the key hurdles faced by the region’s entrepreneurs.

“The move to seek out start-ups that can enhance PAYFORT’s offering is a deliberate one,” added Soudodi. “In the future, we hope that we’ll see entrepreneurs coming to PAYFORT and pitching their ideas to improve the region’s payment industry. We are open to both partnerships and acquisition, and are working towards building an eco-system of payment applications.”


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