JetSmarter The Mobile Marketplace Raises USD 20 Million

JetSmarter the mobile marketplace that seamlessly connects travelers to private jets from theirjetsmarter smartphones, has raised $20 million from a group of influential investors with its most recent Series B raise. Some investors include: Members of The Saudi Royal Family, world-renowned music and entertainment moguls, London-based private equity fund, group of High Net Worth Individuals and Family Offices including top c-level executives from companies such as Goldman Sachs and Twitter.

This funding will be used to support the company’s expansion plans, technology upgrades and the ultimate goal of empowering more people to fly private. JetSmarter expects to grow its supply of JetDeals, increase the number of its scheduled seat service JetShuttle, distribute new technologies to air carriers to better streamline the booking process, launch new private jet sharing services, open customer support offices in Europe, Middle East, South America and Asia as well as expand its private jet services around the globe.

“Since JetSmarter’s launch, we’ve established significant and strategic alliances worldwide, enabling thousands of private jet charter transactions and also providing accessibility and convenience of Flying Private to more than just the 1%,” said founder and CEO of JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov. “Today, with hundreds of thousands of users, and the support of leading investors, JetSmarter is truly the innovator in private aviation, creating a new and simplified way to travel.”

The company’s success has helped attract top tier international investors, which led the Series B funding round. One of the key investors, His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah bin Bandar bin Abdullaziz Al Saud said, “We are thrilled to be an investor and are committed to JetSmarter’s growth. At the forefront of this new era in travel, we believe that JetSmarter’s proprietary services and offerings have, and will continue to revolutionize the industry.”

Since its inception in November 2012, the complete JetSmarter service provided to its members and users, from free flights to the convenience of booking a jet at your leisure, has proved extremely popular. Over the last year, the company has experienced over 1000% revenue growth, has partnered with established institutions such as Deutsche Bank, and has gained access to over 3,000 aircraft globally to provide more flight options for its users.

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About JetSmarter JetSmarter is a mobile marketplace that offers instant pricing and availability for private jets worldwide. The application democratizes the private jet industry by decreasing the entry price for consumers, and helping air carriers’ gain more exposure within the market. By eliminating the middle man when it comes to booking a private jet, this app takes the process into the future with simplicity and ease. The JetSmarter app is available for iOS and Android. For more information, please visit


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