National Stores launches new camera brand LYTRO in the Middle East

Redefining the art of photographic technology, National Stores announced the launch of LYTRO ILLUM into thelytro Middle East market. Distinctly different from the traditional cameras, Lytro introduces in the region its unique concept of *“Living Pictures”*, courtesy its revolutionary *Light Field Technology*, pushing shutterbugs to experiment with diverse images, whether it is the rugged beauty of nature or a defining moment at a wedding. The breakthrough camera holds wide appeal for people from different backgrounds, ranging from professional photographers to businessmen to those who love to freeze their special moments in the lens. *To be marketed across the MENA region, Lytro ILLUM will be officially retailed at National Stores across UAE, besides other power retailers such as Sharaf DG and E Max. The ILLUM is priced at AED 4999. *


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