Samsung Revamps Galaxy Tab S2 with new features

Tablet technology has improved so much that they are guaranteed to power you for days and live longergalaxy s2 than the average mobile device. This is where we are seeing an industry tipping point for manufacturers. A victim of their own success, manufacturers like Samsung are facing pressure to differentiate their products and make them worth owning from one generation to the next. Tablets simply last longer, which allows consumers to delay purchasing a replacement here in the Gulf region and around the world. According to market research company IDC, tablet sales will drop off by as much as 8% by the end of 2015, a signal that pressure will continue to mount into 2016.[1] Going against the norm, Samsung developed the second generation of the Galaxy Tab S, the company’s only flagship tablet and the lightest and thinnest tablet on the market. Featuring an upgrade of the industry-changing Super AMOLED display and a wealth of versatile add-ons, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, is designed for an industry that feeds on new and improved choices. Enhanced screen function In a body that’s even thinner and lighter than the Galaxy Tab S, the Galaxy Tab S2 is outfitted with an improved WQXGA Super AMOLED display that reproduces even richer and crisper colors than its predecessor. The Galaxy Tab S2 reproduces more than 97% of Adobe RGB color coverage for deeper and more realistic images than any other tablet on the market. The tablet’s Adaptive Display also adjusts to ambient lighting so that eyes never tire. Intelligently regulating gamma saturation, sharpness and color temperature, and modifying brightness in ‘Reading Mode’ take strain off the eyes. With these little adjustments, Samsung has made one of the most advanced mobile device displays on the market. Versatile Add-ons Avoiding the 2-in-1 fad, Samsung has focused on joining a strong tablet with versatile accessories. The Galaxy Tab S2 Bluetooth Keyboard turns the tablet into a functional PC and a protective cover for mobile consumers. The cover is designed to lock perfectly on to the device and works with Bluetooth for a seamless connection. When the S Action Mouse is added via Blue Trace technology, consumers have the whole PC universe at their fingertips, including the Recent App & MultiWindow functions. For consumers who want less on their screens, Samsung also created the Samsung Tab S2 Book Cover that securely snaps into the tablet. It delivers a sturdy, durable layer of protection for both the front and back of the device. The Book Cover is also designed with a flexible frame that lets you to set the cover at 3 different angles for maximum comfort. An Ecosystem for Any Lifestyle Samsung has even created a veritable ecosystem around the Galaxy Tab S2. The improved storage structure makes locating files simpler than ever, while ‘Pop-Up Window’ allows users to easily navigate between multiple apps at once. The U Wireless Headset is ergonomically designed for long-term wear, delivering quality sound with dual-mic noise reduction. With its eye on staying ahead in a turbulent market, Samsung is applying its expertise in mobiles to make tablets a worthwhile buy again.


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