First Open Source Summit 2016 in the region to Debut in Dubai

DVCOM Technology, one of the leading technology firm supporting open source technologies in theoss dubai open source region, is proud to announce its support and commitment as initiators, to the Open Source Summit 2016 (OSS 2016).

OSS 2016, an all-day conference and awards focusing on the Open Source Technology Industry, will be held on 27th January 2016 at The H Hotel Dubai.

The first of its kind in the region, the OSS 2016 is an initiative to increase awareness and answer some unanswered questions and reveal some key facts about the Open Source Technologies ranging from Open Source Operating Systems to Solutions to Hardware.  Along with hearing from industry experts like Mark Spencer, Founder and CTO of Digium Inc. and a world renowned name in open source industry, the delegates will see the event honoring the contribution of individuals and or organizations to the Open Source Industry.

“Asterisk is a worldwide phenomenon that has not only helped bring the latest in technology to all corners of the planet, but has allowed the participation of developers from across the globe to improve, customize and localize for their particular needs.  Asterisk has created a global industry of companies providing support and integration services -- as well as creating many complementary products.  I look forward to sharing some of that story and background, along with some ideas about applying Open Source in other areas during the Open Source Summit,” said Mark Spencer, Founder and CTO of Digium Inc.

Through this conference key speakers and partners like Mark Spencer and DVCOM Technology have a strong interest in addressing some of the most pressing issues related to the Open Source Projects enabling attendees to break their firmly believed myths about the industry and technology.

Renjan George, Managing Director of DVCOM Technology said, “Open source software has emerged as the driving force of technology innovation, from cloud and big data to social media and mobile. Hence, it is very important for the technology professionals and business heads to understand what kind of competitive advantage and scalability, open source technologies provide. We are happy to be a part of the Open Source Summit 2016 in the lead role and are confident that the event will bring together the open source communities and players from different technology landscapes closer and together.”

OSS 2016 will bring together over 15 Open Source experts from some of the leading global brands to celebrity open source professionals who will speak about some of the most pressing topics and the hot trends in the open source industry.

To register as a Speaker, Delegate or Sponsor of Open Source Summit 2016, please visit

The Open Source Summit 2016 is being managed by Absolute Communications and Event Management, a reputed public relations and event management agency based in Dubai.


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