Fetchr launches Sellr platform to enable social media selling

Fetchr is excited to announce the launch of their new social selling platform: Sellr by Fetchr. Fetchr, the first Silicon Valley funded company in the region, is a technology company that makes delivery easy by letting people use their phone’s GPS coordinates as their address.

Sellr lets people who sell items on Instagram, Facebook, and any social media platform, list their products and generate links for customers who want to buy them. The customers click the link, and check out immediately, putting in their details and picking their delivery time. Fetchr picks up the item from the seller, delivers it to the customer, and collects cash on delivery. The seller can request to have the cash delivered back to them whenever they like.


The system is enabled by Fetchr’s logistical expertise and GPS technology, supported by Fetchr’s fleet of drivers, and backed by Fetchr’s team. “We’ve noticed that many clients who use Fetchr regularly are small businesses that sell their items through social media. The Sellr solution is designed to help these sellers focus on what they do best: branding and marketing their products. Fetchr does the rest: picks up the item, delivers it, collects cash on delivery,” says Fetchr co-founder Idriss Al Rifai. The Sellr platform keeps a record of all cash on delivery transactions, adding them to cash tab. Social sellers can choose to have the cash delivered to them at the click of a button. “We’re very excited about the potential of Sellr because it addresses a key gap in the market. Big e-commerce companies have their own drivers or have contracts and daily pickups from big shipping companies. Small sellers looking to start and grow their business don't have anybody catering to them. It’s exciting how social selling has the capability of changing conventional e-commerce by empowering makers to sell directly to their target audiences. Sellr simplifies the process and is very intuitive,” says Fetchr’s co-founder Joy Ajlouny. Sellr accounts are easy to set up, and carry no subscription or membership fees. Merchants don’t need their own website, don’t need to sign a contract—they rely on social platforms to disseminate a Sellr link to their products and they can start right away. The Sellr dashboard also sellers check available inventory, the status of product deliveries, order history, and how much cash is owed to them. Fetchr’s future plans include integrating Sellr into the Fetchr app (it is currently a web-only solution), and expanding the service to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.


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