Netflix UAE has only 618 TV and Movie titles

Netflix video-streaming service Netflix went live in the UAE and more than 130 other countries last week. The service was launched with the offer of a one-month free ­trial, after users provide their credit card information. But according to Unotelly, a VPN service Netflix UAE has only 618 TV and movie titles available compared to 14,156 TV and movie titles available right now across 24 Netflix regions.

The expansion is a great initiative to improve access to content in countries where Netflix wasn’t available, but not all Netflix regions are created equally. For example, Netflix South Africa has 678 TV and movie titles available. Netflix India has 739 titles available. Compare that with the 5,659 titles available on Netflix United States. Here is a list of titles you can watch on Netflix in UAE.

If you are planning to access Netflix services via a VPN you may face difficulties. Netflix's VP of content delivery architecture, wrote in a blog post on Thursday that “in coming weeks” Netflix members would only be able to access titles available in their territory, as the company worked towards offering the same films and TV series everywhere.

Check out the below infographic from Unotelly a VPN service that claims to give its customers access to 15,00o Netflix titles.

netflix in middle east


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