Mouth Shut

Social Media and Online Freedom of Expression

May 3rd was World Press Freedom day and in this article we examine how Online freedom of Expression is changing around the world as governments are forced to tackle legislation in the minefield of challenges that social media presents in our digital era of modern day society. While social media such...
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Using Social Media to Reinvent Your Online Personal Brand

People may want to reinvent their personal brand for various reasons. It may be that you have voluntarily moved into a different field or taken a sabbatical or have been forced to do so  because you were laid off. Or you may have a need to reinvent your personal brand for other reasons such as the passage...
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AML Legislation and a Place in the Sun for Developing countries

Qatar has been keen to establish its place amongst the world’s financial centers and is a member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The FATF is an inter-governmental body which develops policies for combating money laundering and terrorist financing. Financial institutions in Qatar are subject...
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