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YouTube To Introduce Paid Subscription Offer Soon

Google Inc. plans to offer a subscriber version of YouTube as soon as this year, letting viewers see millions of videos without having to sit through ads. Revenue from the new feature, which will put Google into more direct competition with streaming services such as Netflix Inc. and Hulu LLC, will...
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Twitter To Officially Launch An Office In The Middle East

Twitter has officially confirmed that they’re launching their Middle East office in Dubai. Shaliesh Rao (VP Asia Pacific, Latin America and Emerging Markets) made the announcement during his talk at the event, highlighting the significance that the social network has played in the Middle East region. Below...
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How To Get Your Tweets Indexed By Google

Last month Google and Twitter signed up a deal that allowed your tweets to appear in Google search. Twitter agreed to give access to its firehose, the stream of data generated by the microblogging service’s 284 million users. However, did you know that Google will not index each and every tweet....
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10 Facts About Social Media In The Middle East In 2014

Ever since the start of the Arab Spring in 2011, there has been considerable interest in the role that social media plays in the Middle East, and how this enabling technology can act as a tool for discourse and information sharing. Although the role of social media as an agent for cultural and political...
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Marhaba – LinkedIn Is Now Available In Arabic

Today LinkedIn announced the launch of an Arabic version of LinkedIn on its blog. This is a hugely exciting milestone for its MENA members. Yes, LinkedIn is now available in Arabic for more than 14 million members that  work and live in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The launch of...
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How To Raise Your Child In The World Of Social Media

We live in a culture virtually enveloped by digital media, 24/7. For adults and children alike, social media has become central to our very identities -- both in how we interact with our close friends and family, and in the many ways we present ourselves to, and engage with, our broader worlds. As I...
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WhatsApp Is Now Available On Your Desktop Computer

Hai, If you are tired of using your fingers to type on your phone and stare at you mini mobile screen. WhatsApp developers have absolutely understood your pain and agony and have introduced the app on desktop. This was first announced on WhatsApp blog.  How does is work? It is a web interface...
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Whatsapp Emerging As The Most Favored Communication Platform In UAE

A new study reveals that, thanks to constant connectivity and digital media, UAE residents are one of the most socially engaged people in the world. According to findings from TNS’s Connected Life study, UAE residents are communicating across social media channels up to five hours a day, and are...
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YouTube Is Experimenting With GIF Style Videos

YouTube has started offering the capability to create GIF videos from its existing uploaded videos. It has started experimenting this feature on PBS Idea Channel’s page. How does it work? Simply click the share button, then drag the trim selector to pick the start and the end of your GIF video. The...
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Gangnam Style Has Now Been Viewed 2,147,483,647 Times

Gangnam Style is still breaking records. The song also topped various music charts when it was first released, topping music charts across 30 countries. It was also the most liked video on YouTube and has become a permanent part of pop culture especially at the peak of its success in 2012. Psy's 2012...
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