How To Get Your Tweets Indexed By Google

Last month Google and Twitter signed up a deal that allowed your tweets to appear in Googlegoogle twitter search. Twitter agreed to give access to its firehose, the stream of data generated by the microblogging service’s 284 million users.

However, did you know that Google will not index each and every tweet. In an article Danny Sullivan’s from Search Engine Land pointed out its impractical for of Google crawlers to capture each and every tweet. He states: “There are so many tweets that if Google tried to capture them all as they happened in a traditional search engine manner, by constantly visiting the site and ‘crawling’ to find new ones, it would likely cripple Twitter with all of its requests.”

On an average only 7% of the tweets are indexed by Google.  So how do you ensure that your tweets are indexed by google to get maximum exposure to traffic?

Below is an infographic by that gives you tips on how to be part of that 7% indexed data

  • Brands with more than 1 million followers have a 21% index rate.
  • Pictures have a 12% index rate, hashtags have an 11% index rate and links have an 8% index rate.
  • Inbound links: Tweets with inbound links are highly likely to get indexed.
  • Accounts with more than 100 links have a 46% index rate whereas 10-50 links only get a 37% index rate.
  • Consider using Twitter Ads to jump start visibility on the platform

get your tweets indexed by Google


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