What Did The UAE Search on Google In 2014?

2014, as in every year previous, brought events that evoked every emotion, from a wealth of joy to a bucket load of UAE search on google 2014misery. To make sense of the issues, the highlights and lowlights of the year, the world frantically Googled away in a search for more information.

Popular Google searches worldwide in 2014 included the Ebola crisis, the mystery of flight MH370 , the World Cup and Lewis Hamilton’s victory, saying a lot about what was on people’s minds across the world.

But what did the people of the United Arab Emirates search on google? Were they as interested in the same issues? What did the UAE Google in 2014?

In this infographic we bring you the most searched for terms by the people of the UAE in 2014.


Source: UAE Search Infographic by SEO Sherpa


While the most prominent world events are reflected in the UAE’s Google searches of 2014, the infographic clearly reveals a particular love of football and Frozen! What do you think the UAE’s searches say about what was important to its people in 2014?


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