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The First Social Media Platform Powered By Your Voice

Bursting onto the social media scene is Sowt, a new Jordanian online platform that allows people the ability to share their thoughts and ideas and to interact with each other using short audio clips. Sowt, which is Arabic for “voice,” founded by the Zureiqat siblings, Hazem, Tarek, and Dana,...
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fifa 2014

The Most Viral FIFA World Cup 2014 Ads

While the World Cup has just kicked off, the battle among the brands has been running for the last few weeks with expensive ads vying for attention. This is the first World Cup at which adidas has invested more in digital media than in television. Its clip has David Beckham, Gareth Bale, Lucas Moura...
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Finally – A Social Media Monitoring Platform For Arabic Sentiment Analysis

Crowd Analyzer is a tool that enables companies to monitor people’s feelings about their brands expressed on social media through sentiment analysis. This enables companies to improve customer insights or understand why a particular campaign may have failed. Crowd Analyzer can even be used to uncover...
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Where Should Brands Go During Ramadan?

With mobile proving itself to be a game-changer across the Middle East, the below is a very interesting infographic provided by Facebook MENA team with regards to what today’s marketers must think about reaching people during the Holy month of Ramadan across a variety of channels. According...
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UAE Leads In Attracting Global Talent: A LinkedIn Report

LinkedIn analyzed how its 300 million registered professionals are moving around the world to pursue career opportunities. This provided them with a better view of which countries gained and lost the most talent between November 2012 and November 2013, and what characteristics are shared by those...
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Facebook Leads The Social Media Logins In Middle East And Africa

According to research by Gigya, Facebook is the most popular network for people using their social media profiles to log-in to websites, accounting for around 53% of social log-ins globally in the first quarter of 2014. G+ is the second most popular, accounting for 28 per cent, followed by Yahoo (13...
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Two Countries Are Leading Facebook’s Growth In The Middle East

Facebook, the leading social network which boasts over 1.25 billion monthly users around the world, doesn’t seem to be losing momentum. Egypt and Jordan are the two countries that are leading Facebook’s growth in the Middle East. A continuing steep rise in the number of internet users in...
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FB Hack

A Moroccan Hacker Discovers A Security Breach Bug In Facebook

Omar Azkagh, a 22 year old hacker from Tanja in Morocco, discovered a security bug in Facebook pages and gets awarded for it. The bug is a security breach related to pages on the social network which allows users to easily gain admin access to those pages and steal them from their owners. Facebook investigated...
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Qatar labour rights

Twitteratis Express Support For Labour Rights In Qatar

Aakash Jayaprakash, a researcher working on the Migrant Worker Welfare Initiative, has started an Twitter campaign to increase awareness about labour rights in Qatar. So far the support had been encouraging for Aakash who says that the “blame is often placed squarely on the Qatar government, with...
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Twitterban turkey

Twitter Shows Turkey Users How To Get Around The Twitter Ban

Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to “eradicate” it from the country on Thursday—but Twitter isn’t going to leave its users powerless. Twitter’s @Policy account tweeted instructions on how Turkish users can use the service via SMS text messaging in both the Turkish and...
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