Twitterban turkey

Twitter Shows Turkey Users How To Get Around The Twitter Ban

Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to “eradicate” it from the country on Thursday—but Twitter isn’t going to leave its users powerless. Twitter’s @Policy account tweeted instructions on how Turkish users can use the service via SMS text messaging in both the Turkish and...
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Youtube Middle EAST

State of YouTube In The Middle East – An Infographic

Startappz, In collaboration with some of the best resources on YouTube videos in the Middle East, released an infographic explaining the state of YouTube content producers in the Middle East covering various countries and categories, such as Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia,...
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Saudi Social Media

Saudi Users Live The Social Media Dream

SaudiArabia is one of the most active countries in the Middle East when it comes to this. Over 5 million active Facebook users and more than 3 million active Twitter users making it the country with the highest Twitter penetration worldwide. To make things easier, The Online Project have created three...
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Admins on Facebook1

Who Are These Administrators On Facebook?

Have you ever wondered if Facebook Page Admins are usually men or women? Who manages more Pages and who can handle more fans? Are page admins usually older or younger than 30 years old? The myth about Facebook admins being young hip people has been busted in the below infographic done by Social Bakers. A...
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2 In 5 Users Hold Manager Positions Or Above On LinkedIn In The Middle East

LinkedIn has recently published and Infographic on it’s Middle East users. According to LinkedIn, the Middle East audience is young and highly educated, with 73% having earned a university degree or higher, and they have succeeded in translating their education into positions of real authority...
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Firewall Glitch Brings Hope For Iranian Internet Users

Internet users in Iran were surprised on Monday to find that they could access Facebook and Twitter without having to evade the government’s firewall, which had blocked direct access to the websites for years. Hours later, the same sites Tuesday chewed over the sobering reality that the four-year-old...
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Best time to post on facebook

Best Time To Post On Facebook

Have you noticed that your Facebook updates perform differently depending on the day of the week you post them? Find out when Page admins usually reach out to their audience and when it’s likely to pay off. Social Bakers has conducted a study to answer this question. The search for the ideal day to...
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Social Media BRANDS

How Consumers Connect With Brands In The Middle East

According to a recent study conducted by ad agency Performics MENA, social networks have become the place of choice for customers looking to communicate with brands. The infographic below shows their findings from users in three countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. 51% of respondents prefer communicating...
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Video Wars Youtube Instagram Vine

Video Wars On Social Media – Youtube v/s Instagram v/s Vine

Videos are experiencing a huge boom in social media as Instagram joins Vine and YouTube as a third promising video sharing platform with significant marketing potential. After Instagram announced that it will expand its static-images-sharing community with 15 second videos as a response to Twitter´s 6 second...
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Facebook Photos

Photos Make Up 93% Of The Most Engaging Posts On Facebook

According to a study done by Social Bakers on Facebook, Photos are the most engaging type of posts. Social Bakers has looked at a sample of 5000 brand pages and found that people prefer to interact with photos more than with any other type of post, such as simple status updates, links, or videos. Many...
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