impact hub

Impact Hub Encourages ‘Afterhours’ Entrepreneurship In UAE

The Impact Hub Dubai has today announced a new ‘Hub Afterhours™’ program especially designed for prospective entrepreneurs who prefer working on their dream projects in the evenings. The new Hub Afterhours™ package has been launched on the eve of Impact Hub’s global 10th anniversary celebrations...
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A High School Program That Teaches Youngsters How To Start A Startup

From Slovenia comes a game-like curriculum that empowers youth to start their businesses. This ex-communist country with over 30% youth unemployment adopted the program in a third of its' school system after a successful pilot that resulted in 89 teenagers starting 15 startups. Two of these even raised...
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The Best Global e-Content Startups

The UN based World Summit Award announced the 8 Global Champions of the 2013 competition. These projects are the most progressive, innovative and sustainable e-Content fruits on the very rich tree that is the Internet: initiatives that will last and will make a difference. What is best in e-Content? The...
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AD Media Summit Day 3 076

A Mobile Network Startup Gets Funding At The Abu Dhabi Media Summit

A new mobile network emergency airtime provider was awarded 37,000 AED and named best start-up in a competition at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit 2013. Comzafrica, which provides emergency airtime to travelers and residents when they need mobile credit, was one of five innovative early-stage media start-ups...
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AD Media Summit Day 2 041

Middle East Is Witnessing The Technology Revolution

In a session about building strong local ecosystems to achieve global success, Usama Fayyad, Executive Chairman of Oasis 500 and Eric Gertler, Head of the New York City Economic Development Corporation, talked about the challenges and opportunities the Middle East faces in fostering innovation, leveraging...
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tech 2012

Videographic: Middle East Tech Review 2012

In collaboration with Discover Digital Arabia, Startappz has recently released a Videographic recapping changes in the tech industry in the Middle East for the year 2012. Some highlights of the videographic include: Facebook & Linkedin opening offices in the Middle East. New incubators and...
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Rising Kuwaiti Entrepreneurs Sell Comics, Sheep And Makeup On Instagram

Kuwaiti officials worrying about how to bring down the gulf state's unemployment rate — estimated at more than 3% — may have another resource to tap besides crude oil: Instagram. The photo-sharing service is becoming popular among local entrepreneurs advertising a diverse array of products — from...
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500 Startups

500 Startups Invites Applications From Women Entrepreneurs In The Middle East

As a new season of mentoring begins, accelerators such as 500 Startups are using innovative strategies to woo a diverse set of young entrepreneurs. 500 Startups, which is keen to have more women entrepreneurs from Middle East, India, South America to join its latest batch opening in Silicon Valley,...
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Arab Women Mobile

Middle East Women Entrepreneurs Take The Lead In The Startup Scene

According to findings by Startup Compass, a data collecting and consulting company focused on start-ups, the global average percentage of internet entrepreneurs who are female is 10%. In the Middle East, women make up 35% of internet entrepreneurs, with factors such as the ability to work from home...
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The Next, and Overlooked, VC Opportunity: The Middle East

Venture capital is ignoring the Middle East for all the wrong reasons. Ultimately, playing it safe will cause them to yield new opportunities. I've interviewed over 150 impressive, young entrepreneurs and engineers throughout the Arab world. Many have visited the States (or would like to visit), but...
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