Videographic: Middle East Tech Review 2012

In collaboration with Discover Digital Arabia, Startappz has recently released a Videographic recapping changes in the tech industry in the Middle East for the year 2012. Some highlights of the videographic include:

  • Facebook & Linkedin opening offices in the Middle East.
  • New incubators and investment funds launching in different parts of the Middle East such as In5, Flat6Labs, Turns8 Accelerator, and the Vodafone Investment Fund.
  • Offline media establishments branching online, such as MBC Ventures investing in Falafel Games, Aranim Media Factory, and SuperMama.
  • A steep increase in investment from 10 Million USD in 2010 to 72 Million USD in 2012.
  • Major acquisitions of startups by international and regional companies such as Corona Labs, Thomson Reuters, and N2V.
  • A 45% growth in e-commerce sales in 2012 reaching 15 Billion USD.
  • An annual growth rate of 25% in Digital Ad Spend, forming 10% of total advertisement spent in 2015, 2-3% of which goes to mobile advertising.

Source: Startappz

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