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Need To Take A Nap? Here Come Google Naps To The Rescue

Have you ever found yourself stranded in a city with a desire to take a quick nap, but with no options in the vicinity?Two men from Netherlands named Kakhiel and Venour have created Google Naps, a tool that allows anyone to mark the nearest nap spots on Google Map. It’s a crowdsourced map project...
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Google MAPS a

New Google Maps – Smarter And Better Looking: Review From Qatar

The search giant Google announced a major update to their product Google Maps at Google I/O conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. With this update they have also pushed the usage of Google+ to the users. Let say you are searching for “Sheesha lounge, Doha” Google Maps will give you results...
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Qatar Live Traffic Update Google Map

Qatar Gets Live Traffic Updates On Google Maps

Google has launched LIVE Traffic Updates on Maps for Qatar via mobile and web. This is a great feature, as  this information is scarce and most of us depend on our BBMs or social media networks like Twitter. To check out the traffic visit and click the traffic layer on the top right...
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