New Google Maps – Smarter And Better Looking: Review From Qatar

The search giant Google announced a major update to their product Google Maps at Google I/O conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. With this update they have also pushed the usage of Google+ to the users. Let say you are searching for “Sheesha lounge, Doha” Google Maps will give you results on the map and options to view places that are rated by top reviewers or your Google+.

While looking up a location is even faster with much more detailed information and zooming in or out is much faster v/s the wait for over 20 seconds for the maps to focus on your area of interest. The shifting between Map and Earth view is still bit slow.

The business now have more info by either searching through the search box or clicking on the pins displayed on the map. The top card will have the information about the business with working hours and option to get directions or save it for future. The maps will now save your preferences as you search and give you tailored recommendations.

The new Google Maps which are designed ground up are based on the following 4 layers that form the best interface so far:

- Base Maps

- Street View

- Imagery

- Local Data

This update will also be carried out on Android and iOS devices with a native iPad app launching this Summer. I think the desktop version is the best. I also recommend you to take the Tour as it takes you through all the new details.

You can request a invitation on the following link:

Post By:  Ghazanfarulla Khan


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