VISA Offers To Support Samsung Pay

Visa Inc. (NYSE:V) has announced it is supporting consumer payments with the new Samsung Galaxy S6. Eligible consumers in the U.S. will be able to make secure Visa payments with Samsung Pay, Samsung’s new payment service scheduled to launch this summer. Visa is already an Apple Pay supporter. Samsung...
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PAYFORT Launches pay@store Service in Egypt

PAYFORT, the leading online payment service provider in the Arab world, announced yesterday the launch of its pay@store service in Egypt. The new service will help to bring the benefits of online shopping to millions of unbanked Egyptians, all while boosting Egypt’s e-commerce industry by allowing...
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Qatar Digital

Overview of Qatar’s Digital Landscape

Qatar's Digital landscape is growing at a phenomenal rate. 85% of households in Qatar are connected via broadband (gone up by 5% from 2010) . On average, a Qatar household owns three mobile phones, two computers and one smartphone. Check out the below infographic for the latest statistics and trends...
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e-Commerce Middle east

UAE Shoppers are most active Online in the Evening

e-Commerce sites need to be very active on various channels in the evening if they want to sustain business in the UAE. A recent study conducted by JadoPado, one of the e-Commerce websites in UAE,  gave some interesting insights. A total of 2052 respondents from UAE were covered in the survey. The...
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Online Shopping

Poll – Cash On Delivery v/s Online Payment

As the Middle Eastern e-commerce websites look to accelerate sales, they are still struggling with payment options. Initially, Cash on delivery (COD) is encouraged by websites to create confidence among consumers to buy online. However, the expectation is that eventually consumers would start paying...
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