UAE Shoppers are most active Online in the Evening

e-Commerce sites need to be very active on various channels in the evening if they want to sustain business in the UAE. A recent study conducted by JadoPado, one of the e-Commerce websites in UAE,  gave some interesting insights. A total of 2052 respondents from UAE were covered in the survey. The majority of them were married male aged between 26-35 years, earning under AED 3,000.

B2C 2010 e-commerce sales growth in the UAE was US $2 billion, 55% to 60% of the total GCC e-commerce sales, according to Visa.

Summary of the findings from the survey: -

 – Most of the people access Internet via Mobile (79%)

- 47.3% people have shopped atleast 6 times online in the last 12 months

- Consumer Electronics (25.9%), Travel and Events (17.6%) were the most common purchases made online. Clothes and Games are among the last 2 items in this category

- Pricing is the most important consideration when shopping online (20.7%).  Security is a least of the concern (13.5%), which is a positive step for e-commerce in the region.

- Credit Card is preferred payment method (39.9%), pushing Cash on Delivery to number two (29.3%)

- People prefer to shop online in the evening (27.4%) shop between 4:00-08:00 pm

- Most of the people (30.3%) have spent AED 1-3000 in the last 12 months


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